Worldwide specialists in

Marine & Offshore lighting systems

Under the waves and on the surface, the name of McGeoch has long been synonymous with high quality marine electrical Illumination Systems.
McGeoch Marine offers leading edge optics and lighting technology and is committed to retaining its "best in class" status for the engineering and supply of light fittings to the marine industry.
Now with a proven past of supplies for European & middle East Market and Present Queen Elizabeth (QE) Class Aircraft Carrier Projects, McGeoch Marine continues to build its reputation for quality, reliability and value-for-money total service.
McGeoch Marine specialises in the design, engineering, manufacture, project management and illumination solution provider for marine vessels and submarines including specialist lights, lighting fixtures and switchgear. The company offers a total solutions package with prototype and test, supply chain and manufacture and integrated logistical support forming a vital part of day-to-day operations, all backed by a team of highly qualified design engineers, widely experienced in all aspects of both mechanical and electrical applications.
McGeoch has successfully engineered and supplied electrical Light Fittings for many of the world's frigates, destroyers, off-shore patrol vessels, missile boats in projects Equipment such as this forms a very strong backbone of the McGeoch business and whilst designed to provide a long, trouble-free service life, the company's ongoing support is unrivalled in the marine industry.
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